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‘Majestic living in an imposing style’ is what one looks for in a vacation, and this is offered at Mini Palace Samod - A Royal Heritage Hotel In Samod Elite and special, this heritage hotel has been hosting the royal family, well-known celebrities, film, music and theatre artists, and the discerning traveller. It is to be noted that many film units have come to this place for their film shoots and many box office hits are accountable to this scenic manor. The palace has also been a venue for many weddings and other happy occasions.

Mini Palace Samod - A Royal Heritage Hotel In Samod has a golden and glorious historical background. This place was at first built in the sixteenth century as a Rajasthani Rajputi princely fort, but towards the starting of the 19th century, this in the leadership of a nobleman Rawal Barisal,

but was altered from a fort into an elegantly planned palace in Rajput architectural style. The small town of Samod was, considered a very rich town under the kingdom of Amber. Behari Das, a Rajasthani Rajput combatant who was then in armed services of the erstwhile Nathawat family inherited the responsibility of Mini Palace Samod. He was re-instated to the Nathawat clan with the family title 'Rawal Saheb' or 'Maha Rawal' (a decoration given for their valour and devotion to the royal family), in 1757, and this ancestry is constant to this date.

Mini Palace Samod - Best Hotel In Jaipur is located 45 kilometres north of Jaipur city, and being so close to Jaipur it is centrally located within city limits, easily accessible to the city railway station. The international Airport of Jaipur is 56 km away while the Jaipur Railway Station and Jaipur Bus Stand are 44 km away. The transportation facility offers to pick and drop services from Jaipur airport and Jaipur railway station which is available on payment. Shuttle service may also be availed on extra charges. The hotel can be accessed by road from all major cities and the guests are welcome to drive in the comfort of their vehicle as well.

Mini Place Samod Room Image


  • Max: 4 Persons
  • View: Mountain/Aravali
  • Bed: King Size
  • AC/Non AC: Yes

Parking space is available in the hotel parking lot (valet and security). Nevertheless, the team is fully equipped to arrange transportation for guests as and how required.

Rajasthan is a land of rich history and amazing culture. Having been colonized for centuries this land of the Desert has acquired an individuality of its own, be it in provisos of language, food, dress or architecture. Rajasthani palaces are a delight to step into. They remind you about the lives of the kings and queens and how fashionable life was in the bygone era.

The Double room of 10*25 feet size with all facilities takes one back to the days when the royals lived there with antique furniture and medieval Rajasthani style-fabrics to enhance the Rajasthani look. The rooms are huge and lovely. The walls are decorated with beautiful mural paintings in the traditional colourful Rajasthani art which is very famous all over the world (hunting scenes, floral motifs etc). The furnishings are all a blend of traditional and modern taste. The glorious notable palaces and forts in Rajasthan are evidence of the glory of a bygone age.

Air conditioners are available in every Double room as per requirement; one may or may not opt for it. Individual air conditioners are used for avoiding central air conditioning. This most important step has been taken up to stop the advance of contagion in the current pandemic circumstances. Allergy and pollution control has been a top priority with the hotel. The entire property is looked after well. The palace is spread across several acres, offering airy rooms with natural aeration and out of the world views and of course Sanitized Environment.

Rooms here will make available to you with a flat-screen Television, air conditioning and a minibar. The wash area features a shower; private bathrooms also come with a bath and free toiletries for ready use. The rooms do not just provide the normal amenities but they give you a feel of being into a princely extravaganza. The rooms are fully decorated as per royal Rajasthani taste and culture, complete with furnishing and furniture. You can enjoy a view of the mountain from all the rooms. Gardens all around the palace are a feast to the eyes and solace to the soul. Peace reigns all over the area. One may spend time roaming the vast expanse of the palace grounds.

Viewing out of the window or taking a stroll in the garden, or just relaxing or sunbathing on the sun terrace to feast your eyes by looking at the majestic Aravali hills which offer breathtaking views of the surrounding greenery and matching ruggedness of the mountains of Rajasthan, gives an immense feeling of satisfaction. It is lovely to see the natural beauty all around with birds of various kinds, flora and fauna: you may also find naturally moving around the garden area are some monkeys too. Two swimming pools and a very peaceful setting make the stay memorable.

Live the Royal Rajasthani moments and majestic appeal with the stately and baronial at Mini Palace Samod - A Royal Heritage Hotel In Samod - the heritage hotel in Rajasthan. Over the past five centuries, Maharajas of Rajasthan have enjoyed the eternal magnificence of this outstanding and dignified setting, attracted by the relaxed aristocratic feel. Handsomely located near Jaipur, Mini Palace Samod is a tempting treat of regal structural design, plush hospitality and handsome ambiences. Remaining passionate about the immaculate momentous architecture and interior design, the heritage hotel has been expressively renovated to conserve its ultimate level of comfort and panache.

The chronological interiors of the palace are a real feast to the eye and truly amazing. It is not just an example of modern luxury but a ‘historical opulence’.

The prices are worth it and one would definitely look forward to many more such occasions to visit this beautiful place and be a guest in this luxury. It's simply a beautiful property and the most competent staff is amazing in their hospitality. A stay in the palace gives the feeling of royalty. Every member of the staff genuinely offers and makes your stay comfortable.

The mega-size bed with four posters offers complete bliss with a feeling of being a part of extravagance. Each double room is a subtle combination of antique and modernity, creating an impression of poise. A maximum of four individuals may be accommodated in a double room. The rooms have attached bath with all up to date and comfortable amenities with a touch of a traditional ‘Rajwada’ feel. It is the best choice for a couple or family to spend a quiet vacation time in a plentiful environment. Outstanding room service with efficient experts in culinary skills along with competent housekeeping is the top priority.

Though the small sleepy town of Mini Palace Samod is far away from unwanted interference, despite that too safety measures are taken care of along with 24 hours security and CCTV alertness in the entire premises. This makes your stay safe and secure. Cameras outside the walls also take care of the arrival and departure of all guests and their vehicles. Locker Services are provided for one’s precious belongings, exclusively guarded by the palace personnel and armed guards. Safety alarms and other procedures keep unwanted at bay.

Mini Palace Samod has an in-house restaurant that serves a delectable range of Indian, Continental and Italian cuisine. Room service options are also available. One may enjoy the food prepared by expert chefs and duly supervised by culinary experts. Both cosy and private indoor and outdoor dining may be experienced in immense luxury and comfort. It is an occasion of immense pleasure and luxury to be waited upon by the most courteous and efficient hotel staff. The services to the guests are provided 24*7. The guests are free to avail of services at any time of the day. Food and snacks are available at all hours. Extra facilities comprise a seating space and satellite channels.

Pets are inseparable from their parents and therefore the hotel has proper reservations backed by a no-hassle Pet-Friendly Guarantee. The Canine (and feline) Concierge will make sure one is assigned to a pet-friendly room, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises at check-in.

Mini Palace Samod is the perfect classic getaway. It couples together comfort and tradition seamlessly, with a miscellaneous menu and great conveniences. It is very interesting historical palace to stay in. This beautiful vacation abode is situated high in the mountains with great views. As a family holiday resort, no better location is ideal to rest and relax. After a hot and exhausting day in sightseeing, retreating to the refuge of Mini Palace Samod is a blessing. The Palace alone is worth spending a whole day to enjoy the facilities - the pools, grounds, and rooms are impeccably maintained. Take the 30-40 minute 'tour' of the hotel to see the 'secret' meeting room and hall of mirrors. 5-star service, above and beyond expectations may be experienced. Though Mini Palace Samod Heritage Hotel is situated at a short distance from Jaipur city, the peace of the surrounding give complete peace of mind and soul.